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Felt Landscape

Felt Landscape

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This Bauspiel large felt landscape can be used as a base for various set-ups.

The children can create new landscapes with wooden blocks, boats, cars, figures, trees and natural materials such as bark, stones, cones . There are no limits to imagination.

The felt landscape contains:

  • 1 x rug, green with blue river, approx. 65 x 82 cm

  • 1 x flower meadow, red/coloured, Ø approx. 25 cm

  • 1 x meadow, Ø approx. 30 cm

  • 1 x fly agaric circle, Ø approx. 8 cm

  • 4 x pads flowers/mushrooms, approx. 9-14 cm

  • 6 x rocks, grey, approx. 9-12 cm

Fairtrade, Made in Nepal